Name — Set operating system-specific configuration options.


The primary use of is to configure AMPAC™ during installation. When run without any option flags, the script will attempt to configure the system with optimal default settings. These defaults can be overridden by running this script with the desired option flag(s). In general, one should not use unless it is necessary. The action of this script is operating system specific. Most operating systems have no configurable parameters and so this script will have no effect on those systems.

Some operating systems will run both 32-bit executables and 64-bit executables, so the user may choose which type they will use. (Most operating systems will only run one or the other, so there is nothing to configure on those systems.) 32-bit executables are limited by the maximum internal memory indexing (2 GB, regardless of actual available memory), 64-bit executables are required to handle very large or complex calculations. While 64-bit executables are able to handle much larger systems, they do require more memory than 32-bit executables for the same job. As a rule of thumb, 64-bit executables are preferred except for very old systems that either do not support 64-bit executables or are very memory-limited.

The xft/noxft option was added to accommodate very old Linux systems. By default, AGUI™ will take advantage of the Xft (version 2) libraries that come with the system. Using Xft gives much nicer and cleaner text resolution. For very old systems, Xft may not be available or is incompatible preventing AGUI from running. In this case, running with the "-noxft" option is needed to allow AGUI to run. In all other cases, the default "-xft" option is recommended.

For MacOS X machines, information about the locations of the dynamic link libraries must be set within the libraries and AMPAC executables to insure proper execution even if the environment path variables have not been initialized. Once the dynamic link library information has been set it does not need to be done again. This is done once during initialization and should never need to be done by the user. The "-nomac" option is present to prevent the script from making these changes but should never be needed.

For Tru64 machines, the CXML math libraries come in several versions tuned to specific processor families. These libraries are now shipped along with AMPAC but the appropriate version of the library needs to be set at installation. This should happen automatically but may be reconfigured later by the user if necessary by using the script. If no configuration options are specified, the script will use "/usr/sbin/sizer -implver" to determine the machine’s processor family and configure CXML for that processor. This is the recommended option. This configuration can also be done manually by adding the flag corresponding to the processor. For example, with a EV6 processor you would add the "-ev6" flag to configure CXML for the EV6 processor family. If CXML is already correctly installed on the machine and the user wishes to use those libraries instead of the ones shipped with AMPAC, use the "-system_cxml" flag. Make sure that CXML is properly installed on the system before using the "-system_cxml" option or it may cause AMPAC not to run.


$AMPAC_DIR/ [-64 | -32] [-xft | -noxft] [-mac | -nomac]
                            [-ev4 | -ev5 | -ev6 | -ev7 | -system_cxml]
                            [-help] [-nocolor]

64-bit versus 32-bit options


Force the use of 64-bit executables.


Force the use of 32-bit executables.


Script will attempt to select the best option for that system.

Xft library dependency


AGUI will use the Xft (version 2) system library.


AGUI will not use Xft.


Use Xft library

Dynamic link libraries on MacOS X


Adjust dynamic library paths in AMPAC executables and libraries.


Do not make any changes to AMPAC executables and libraries.


Adjust library paths.

CXML Library configuration


Configure CXML math libraries for EV4 processors.


Configure CXML math libraries for EV5 processors.


Configure CXML math libraries for EV6 processors.


Configure CXML math libraries for EV7 processors.


Use CXML installed on system instead of libraries shipped with AMPAC.


Configure CXML math libraries for the processor on the machine.

Help option


List available configuration options.

Display option


Turn off color and other text formatting characters in output.