rm_ampac_results — Remove various result files produced by AMPAC.


The rm_ampac_results utility can be used to selectively remove AMPAC result files, while preserving the input files and other non-AMPAC files. This can be useful for clearing out old files prior to running ampac or mampac. Care should be exercised in using rm_ampac_results to avoid accidentally deleting useful job files. By default, rm_ampac_results runs in interactive mode and will prompt the user for permission to delete each file. This interactive mode can be disabled by using the -f flag so that the files are silently deleted.

AMPAC result files subject to deletion by rm_ampac_results are files with extensions: arc, csm, csmdump, esp, ers, gpt, irc, mem, mrk, oci, out, pid. res, syb, tmp, vis, and visdump. It will not harm AMPAC input put files, specifically: dat, amp, den, dmt, and ici. Nor will it delete result files that are not associated with a corresponding input file (.dat).

Rm_ampac_results can be run in three different modes. (1) Remove all AMPAC result files in current directory (rm_ampac_results [-f]). (2) Recursively remove all AMPAC result files in the current directory and all its sub-directories (rm_ampac_results -r [-f]). (3) Remove all AMPAC result files for a select group of files. Wildcards are expanded allowing easy specification of groups of files. For example, to remove all AMPAC result files in the current directory starting with test, use rm_ampac_results [-f] test*.dat.


rm_ampac_results [-r] [-f] [-l] {filename(s)}



Recursively search directories [default current directory only].


Silently remove selected files without prompting the user for confirmation of each file to be removed. [default prompt user for removal].


List candidates but do not actually remove them.


Remove the AMPAC generated files associated with each of the files listed. When filename(s) are specified, the -r option is ignored. Multiple filenames can be entered separated by spaces. UNIX file globbing (for example, using * as a wildcard) is also supported.