About Semichem, Inc.

Semichem was established in 1992 to promote and expand the semiempirical methods pioneered and developed by Michael J.S. Dewar. These methods have been included in the program package AMPAC™. The first commercial version of AMPAC™ (4.0) was released in August of 1992 and included a high quality graphical user interface (GUI) that is an excellent companion package to AMPAC™. Over the intervening years, Semichem scientists have worked to expand not only the capabilities of AMPAC™, but the area of semiempirical methods as well.

In 1994 Semichem partnered with Professors Alan Katritzky (U. of Florida) and Mati Karelson (U. of Tartu, Estonia) to bring their excellent CODESSA™ QSAR/QSPR package to market. CODESSA™ is a unique product in the industry in that it is closely integrated with AMPAC™.

At the American Chemical Society Meeting in San Francisco (April 13, 1997), Semichem announced a partnership with the premier provider of ab initio computational chemistry programs, Gaussian, Inc., to provide an interface customized to their user's needs. The product is called GaussView and is available exclusively through Gaussian, Inc.  The AMPAC GUI still has full support for Gaussian as well.

Part of Semichem's mission is to advance science. Our scientists are still active in method development and scientific publication.

Semichem, Incorporated Company Officers.