Academic Site Licenses

Semichem, Inc. has provided high-level software solutions for over two decades, currently maintaining active university licenses in over 30 countries.

Semichem's academic site licenses are specially designed to address the needs of both research and teaching faculty at universities. These licenses are provided on an annual, renewable basis and include priority technical support and free updates. Some of the major advantages include the ability to outfit all research and teaching labs with no head-counting and a significant cost advantage over our competitors, priced at $4,500 for all types of Operating Systems that Semichem supports and $3,000 for a single Operating System site license. In addition, current users consistently say that AMPAC's Graphical User Interface (AGUI) is both easy to learn and very intuitive for beginners, with advanced tools offering students an opportunity to experience chemistry in three dimensions.

CODESSA is also available under the same terms. While primarily a research tool, students can explore discover how to build statistical models for macroscopic properties such as melting point and boiling point. Again, site licenses allow whole departments as well as students to utilize the software under one convenient license.

AMPAC Features
More than a simple teaching tool, AMPAC includes a feature rich, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used to build, edit and save molecules. These graphical options offer users a 3D visualization of structures and results that can be manipulated with point and click ease, making it an accessible tool for students and researchers at all levels. Furthermore, any faculty member who gives talks or publishes can take advantage of the high quality output of 3-dimensional graphics provided by AMPAC's GUI. The output is available in a number of common formats to fit web, presentation, and hardcopy applications, making publishing faster and easier.

CODESSA Features
Because the interface is so easy to use once property data and structures have been collected, student need only load in COD3 files begin exploration. This information is presented in extremely easy to navigate Tables and Sets. With the visualization tools, instructors can provide a nice introduction to statistical-based modelling.

Based on recent correspondence with our current academic customers, we've worked to put together a list of questions that apply specifically to users working in a university setting. Please feel free to contact us if you don't find the answers that you're looking for.

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