keycleaner — Reformat AMPAC license key file or print license information.


An AMPAC license file, ampac10.key, is required to run AMPAC. The file may become corrupted if it is passed by email, moved by FTP, or moved to a different operating system. When this happens, the file may no longer be readable by AMPAC causing AMPAC to report the error "### AMPAC10.KEY FILE IS INVALID" and stop. The keycleaner utility can be used to fix many of these problems allowing AMPAC to run. If keycleaner fails to resolve license problems, contact Semichem™ for a new key.

In addition to its role of repairing license keys, it can also be used to extract important license information. This can be used to check the expiration date of the license and to check if Amsol Model Module™ is available. (The AMPAC keyword LICENSE can also be used for this purpose.)


keycleaner -k ampac10.key
keycleaner {-f} {infile.key {outfile.key} }
keycleaner {-f} {-o outfile.key} {infile.key}
keycleaner -l ampac10.key



The key file is cleaned and overwritten. This is the most common usage of keycleaner.


Force overwrite of output file. (Default = interactive).


Specify name of output file.


Print license information to standard output.


Input file to be cleaned. (Default = standard input).


Output file receives cleaned key. (Default = standard output).


Output from keycleaner is written to an AMPAC license file or to the screen.

When keycleaner is used with the "-l" option, license information is written to the screen. Here is an example of the output from

keycleaner -l ampac10.key

License Key Type:       AMPAC version 5 key          1
Licenced to:            Every User
Contact Name:           Roy Dennington
Customer Address:       Everywhere
Customer Serial Number: 0
Program Serial Number:  1
Machine Type:           0
Key Type:               X
Issue Date:             3/7/2012
Expiration Date:        3/7/2013                   2
Semichem Address:       Semichem, Inc.
Semichem Address:
Semichem Address:       
Application Version:    10
License Type:           0


AMPAC 10 requires a version 5 key. Older version 1, 2, 3, and 4 keys will not work.


This lists when the license key will expire. After that date, a new key must be obtained from Semichem™ Customer Support to keep using AMPAC.

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