CODESSA™ Literature References

More than 200 research papers have been published using one of the versions of CODESSA.  Some examples of the incredible range of applications that CODESSA has been used for are shown below.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Biological Activities

GC Retention Indices 5HT3 Receptor Binding
Hyperpolarizabilities 5HT1A Receptor Binding
Low MW Polymer Tg P. Cholesterol E. Inhibition
High MW Polymer Tg Skin Sensitization
Polymerization Volume Change hERG K Channel Affinity
Gas Solubility Pesticide Aquatic Toxicity
Critical Micelle Concentration Estrogen Receptor Binding
Solvent Parameters Blood Properties
Surfactant Cloud Points Adenosine A1 and A3 Antagonists
Boiling Points Oral Absorption
Soil Sorption Drug Transfer to Breast Milk
Refractive Index in Molecules COX 2 Inhibition
Refractive Index of Polymers Anti-Malarial Activity